Nylet. Master sailmakers. Finest Premium 'vintage' style cotton sails explored in detail.
1932 ~ 86 years of sailmaking ~ 2 generations and over 100 years of experience ~Quality First ~ Fine Products. World-wide Mail Order Service. Innovation alongside Tradition.

The oldest established professional model sailmakers in the world ~ the only professional makers of the very finest cotton sails in "1930's" style ~ perfect cut and finish ~ "Quality First."
This year Frank Parsons celebrates 52 years of model sailmaking.
Comprehensive sailmaking service, world-wide.

1842 - Founding of the family firm, J.Parsons (canvas goods manufacturers)
1932 - Commencement of full size sailmaking
1933 - Model sails in Egyptian cotton
1955 - Varnished Terylene sails
1966 - Coloured Terylene racing sails
2016 - Frank Parsons marks his 50th year of model sailmaking.
Today - Racing sails in scrim and film, Dacron sails & Heritage sewn Dacron sails. Nylet Finest 'Premium' cotton sails.

Some photos of Nylet 'vintage' style cotton sails. See more photos - click on link 'Photo Gallery', also 'Sail Gallery'.

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