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Spirit in more detail


NYLET IOM racing yacht kits

"SPIRIT 3" One Metre YACHT KITS with finely moulded coloured GRP hull & deck and with c.f. fin & rudder, all fittings packs and wires, cordage etc. Full kits include scrim racing sails/RIG kit. Click on the thumbnail below for fully detailed spec.

In brief -
A tried, tested and succesful design with over 12 years of sailing under its belt.
The Mk3 introduced in 2013, with increased freeboard. More recently with redesigned deck and as before with lowered after run.
A lively, responsive and fast yacht which is stable in the usual ranges of sailing wind conditions which may be met in open inland water. Points higher than most other yachts. Remarkable performance to windward and holds her rig when other yachts need to step down to a smaller rig.
In experienced hands she is the equal of any other IOM yacht with many excellent racing results attained.
Quote/customer comment
I live on the coast of NSW in Australia. Some time ago I bought No.2751 (the one featured on your site). I am currently racing the boat here in Australia in several IOM fleets. The elliptical rudder works perfectly and the boat is at full potential now, points higher than the TS2 and the Topiko. Neither are faster off the wind.... Thanks for a great boat, I have never felt another IOM that glides to windward like the Three. All your efforts are appreciated here. Garry, Australia.

We are pleased to let everyone know that, after our moulder Robin at Kingston Mouldings retired after a lifetime moulding GRP products, a long experienced GRP moulder will again be making the Spirit IOM for us.

SPIRIT 3 testimonials

  • As I say in my letter to you, I am very pleased with my Spirit 3. She points so well I can let them all start and still catch up by the windward mark. Many in the club admire it.

    Howard, Norfolk
  • My Spirit 3 is now on the water and sailing well, she sails really close to the wind and is competitive with the best in our club.

    Colin, Andover