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THETIS in full detail


NYLET IOM racing yacht kits

"THETIS" One Metre YACHT KITS with finely moulded GRP round bilge hull & deck and with c.f. fin & rudder, all fittings packs and wires, cordage etc. Full kits include Nylet scrim racing sails/RIG kit. Please see photo above & price list section J.

In brief -
A tried, tested and succesful design with more than 8 years of sailing under its belt.
Introduced in 2013 and more recently with redesigned deck and as before with lowered after run.
A lively, responsive and fast yacht which is stable in the usual ranges of wind conditions which may be met in open inland water. Points higher than many other yachts. Faultless performance to windward and holds her rig when other yachts need to step down to a smaller rig.
In experienced hands she is the equal of any other IOM yacht with many excellent racing results attained.

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