Nylet ~ Master Sailmakers. 90 years. 106 years of experience.
Makers of model sails to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Welcome to the Nylet website (35 pages of information). We hope you will find our mail order service useful, we have been packing products for despatch by post and courier to world-wide destinations since 1958.

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Terms & Conditions.

Our Products. Please refer to our current price list. Prices are subect to alteration without notice. Quotations for special items such as one off sails and allied one off products made to special order, all prices quoted are held for 45 days unless noted otherwise.
All orders should be fully paid when making your order, unless they are for goods manufactured specially, such as sails and since they will take time to make we may ask for a part payment to secure the order.
Part payments.These are accepted to secure your order pending receipt of instructions, sail plan or other. Generally not less than 10% of the price quoted. The amount paid is non-returnable after 30 days should the order be cancelled by the customer. Please see below.

Returns Policy (by item)

Unwanted Items: Any unwanted fittings or allied parts will be refunded if returned within 14 days, in its original, unopened packaging. After speaking with us first please include the returns job number given to you with the items. This does not apply to sails where all orders are accepted on the basis that they are manufactured to special order and made to your specification, choice of material and colour trim etc.
Faulty, Damaged or Incorrect Items: If you receive a faulty, damaged or incorrect item from us, we would appreciate notice from you within five days of receiving the item. Please contact us by phone and we will be able to offer advice on how to resolve your issue. The item(s) should be returned to us in the condition they were received, preferably in the original parcel/wrapping within 30 days. If it is not possible to return the item(s) in the original parcel/packaging they should be suitably packaged to prevent further damage whilst in transit.
Returns Procedure. Faulty items must be returned to us, having firstly made contact before we can start the process of replacing them. Items will be examined as soon as possible. Any goods that have been checked and found to be in good order will not be eligible for replacement, and will be returned. In some circumstances, it may be necessary for an item to be returned to the manufacturer (if not our own manufacture). Should these circumstances arise we will notify you.
Cancellation of order. Should the customer wish to cancel an order. Particularly applicable in the case of sails which are in every case specially manufactured, whether they be standard suits or made to customers own sizes or templates and where commencement of making from time of ordering is more than, or exceeds, 30 days. Where a part payment is made (usually not less than 10% of the full amount quoted), the initial payment enables the company to place the order in the system and covers, either fully or in part, setting up costs and attending customers specific requests. This payment is not refundable if customer cancels the order after 30 days from time of making the part payment. When no agreement to make a part payment is made and the order is either fully paid or a sum greater than 10% is made then 10% of the quoted price will be deemed to be due upon cancellation of the order after 30 days has elapsed from time of making the order.
In the case of an order that for whatever reason the company deems a requirement to requote at a different price, for instance submission of new plans, templates or drawings which differ to the original submitted, in the case of cancellation as before mentioned then not less than 10% of the original quoted price is used to cover costs involved and being retained and regarded as being otherwise due to the company. In the case of issues arising where no agreement can be reached, then the company will deem the order to be cancelled and any payment made will be refunded excepting for 10% of the value of the first quoted price which as before mentioned will be retained by the company to cover costs and outgoings.
Where reference is made to "the company" this refers to Nylet.
F.Parsons, Nylet, 38b Winchester Street, Salisbury, SP1 1HG, UK. Phones. 01722 239251
Also: 07474 939535

Currently do not use the postal address shown here, please phone us before sending pattern sails or templates etc.


How it was - some things don't change.
The process by which every order is logged into our system, a business proceedure followed by our firm for 200 years and very possibly also by my 5th gt grandfather who was a Goldsmith in London 280 years ago. Every order, large or small, is entered in one of our three Day Books. Sail orders are written up and numbered in the 6 thousands while all other orders (fittings, rig bags etc) into our general Day Book, currently in the 3 thousands (the numbering sequence reverted to "1" several years ago). Orders are also entered in brief in a computer file and with any payment noted. Payments are entered into the computerised "Ledger" file. When the order is despatched, it is noted in the relevant computer files and the order in the day book is ruled through with the despatch date and route. This cross-referencing rules out errors and helps track orders and especially sail orders which are manufactured at some point after receipt. Day Books have served us well and would have seen service in our firm from 1834 when my great great grandfather started out in business in Derby, and after 1842 in Brighton. Some Day Books (long out of use) survive from the 1970's. A Day Book dated 1873 was regretably lost a couple of decades ago. At the start of the working day the date was entered clearly in black ink, orders were then entered in pencil, and when complete the order was ruled through, there are some things in life that don't change over the centuries!

Some of many customer comments:
Many thanks for the most efficient service. Barry, Ireland.
Hi Frank, parcel received. Many thanks for your excellent service. George, S.Wales.
The goods arrived this morning at 0930; from Bournemouth to the remotest part of Wales in 17 hours from time of order is remarkable service, many thanks. John, Gwynedd.
Thanks for your prompt service, both parcels arrived this morning at 07.45am. All parts are OK and well packed, reminding me of how much fun it is at Christmas! John.
Placing an order on Monday and getting the goods on Tuesday is what I call incredible service!! Don, Shrewsbury.
Parcel arrived this morning, really superb service, thanks a lot. Peter. Malta.
All three parcels now received. Many thanks for your usual prompt & friendly personal service. Bob. Bromsgrove.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a very speedy and efficient service - the packaging is superb. Rod. York.
My fittings arrived beautifully packed safe and sound this morning. Many thanks for your fast and efficient service; I hope to do business with you in the future. Eric. Worcestershire.
Hi Frank, great news, great service, must admit I did go to another firm and emailed them twice and phoned three times with no reply, only emailed you once and made an order, very well done. John, Norfolk.
Thank you for such excellent service again, quality goods sent at lightning speed. A credit to how things should be done. Tony. Buckinghamshire.
Everything arrived, as ordered, at 10.30 this morning. Great service, thank you very much. Phil.
You've done it again! I'm absolutley astounded, the sails/rig kit is beautifully packed and presented. Its no wonder you have been in business all these years! Malcolm, Norwich.
Thank you for your service, very nice in this day and age to get such personal attention, much appreciated. Paul, Norfolk.
The stuff arrived on Friday immaculately packed - such a joy to see good quality products! Philip, Wales.
Safely received! Thanks for the great service. Scott, Sussex.
Thank you Frank. As always super efficient. Barry, Ireland.
The sails for my 'Starlet' yacht arrived today and I would like to say thank you. It was exactly the delivery time you quoted to the day, a more reliable service could not be imagined. I am very pleased with the sails and am eager to finish the yacht and get them working. Once again, thank you very much. Brian, Kent.
I received my sails today....PERFECT...arrives safely. Perfect fit and I look forward to sailing with the new sails!!!!!! THANKS, from Kjell, Norway.
I had picked up the parcel yesterday and everything is in excellence condition. The sails are very beautiful and I have un-rolled and hanged them. If there'll be chances of taking pictures of my boat in near future, I'll send you some to have a look. As always, thanks a lot for your great products and service! Wish you all the best! KW, Hong Kong.

Nylet - 90 years of sailmaking ~ Quality First.
This year Frank Parsons marks his 56th year of sailmaking.
Makers of Model Sails to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
Full size Sailmakers and Contractors to the Admiralty 1932-1966.
J.Parsons ~ F.Parsons ~ Nylet. 1834 ~ The family firm, 5 generations ~ 188 years of manufacturing ~ 188 years of service.
Silk Mercers, established in High Holborn, London 1772 ~ 250 years of working with fine cloths ~ 8 generations.
1620. Clockmakers, Goldsmiths over 400 years of Artisans.